Why we stand for election and don't run for office

On Sunday, I along with thousands of much fitter people will be doing the London Marathon. I use the word “doing” as opposed to running, as I think if I said run, someone would have me for misrepresentation or something similar.

I was always told that we in the UK stand for election as opposed to run for office as it is much more dignified. I think the same applies to proper running – so undignified. That got me to thinking. I wonder how many politicos will be doing, or have done the marathon.

Marathon News has produced a list of MP’s who have completed the London course, and it’s journalist Matthew Parris who tops it with his time of 2:32:57 in 1985. Frankly that is just showing off. I prefer Bill Wiggin myself who did the course in a 6:32:43 in 2002. Dr Howard Stoate is a regular marathon runner, who I believe will be doing the distance again on Sunday, along with Chris Bryant and Alistair Burt.

I think the one thing we can safely say is that out of anyone with any connection to politics whatsoever, I will be finishing at the bottom of the league table, but finishing all the same.

Those who want to taunt me on Sunday can feel free by emailing editor@toryradio.com, or just follow my rants on twitter (trust me I will have the time) during the day!. Feel free to dig deep given appartently you will be much richer after the budget. Honest – Gordon says so!

Matthew Parris – bloody show off!

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