Smears and plots at the heart of Government

If anyone wanted further evidence that our Governemnt is discredited, out of touch, and concentrating on the wrong things you need look no further than the current McBride/ Draper fiasco. I use the word fiasco, as they have damaged their party, damaged the Government and damaged the Prime Minister. The firing of McBride will not be the end of it for Gordon Brown.

His premiership isn’t just holed below the waterline. His credibility and standing in this country has been blasted out of the water. The longer he continues in office the more the British people will want to punish the Government at the General Election. The Conservatives suffered from this sentiment when Major made the people wait for an election. Brown is no going to suffer the same fate, dirty campaign or no dirty campaign.

One Response to Smears and plots at the heart of Government

  1. Mark M says:

    Is it wrong that I have a big smile on my face today as I watched this story unfold!
    The more this sticks to GB the better.
    I think we’re left in no doubt that Labour is the true nasty party

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