A prisoners life?

I have already had my two-penneth on the subject of prisoners votes. I am happy  to go on record and state that I really don’t support the idea of inmates being allowed to vote. They are in prison for a reason, and why should they have the same rights as people who have not broken the law.

I have also written about my personal grumble about having to pay 90% council tax on an empty property I am trying to sell. Apparently its allowed to be charged as services still have to be delivered to the property. How interesting that I learn that if you get sent to jail apparently you DO NOT have to continue to pay council tax.

Just so I understand this. I have a second property which isn’t used and I pay 90% council tax. If I own just one property and get sent to jail I wouldn’t pay any council tax, and hey, I’ll soon be able to vote.  Tough on crime tough on the causes of crime? Oh yeah!

One Response to A prisoners life?

  1. Steve Toone says:

    That kinda takes the biscuit, does it not. I am really hoping for an early Gen. Electn.

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