Is it me, or do you find this distasteful?

I read this on the BBC News online website and have to say that I found it distasteful to say the least. Voting rights for prisoners??

Why on earth should any prisoner have the right to the vote. The word “right” is interesting as with it comes responsibility, and the very fact that you are in prison surely means you have not acted responsibly. I for one am fed up of hearing more about rights of criminals, be they in prison or not, and nothing about the rights of law abiding citizens.

I’m sure the blogger jailhouselawyer (John Hirst) mentioned in the piece will have a very different view.

2 Responses to Is it me, or do you find this distasteful?

  1. Steve Toone says:

    Wow, there. That just scares the heck outta me! Why should the Voting right be returned to those who have proven to have no judgement at all. Having said that they are unlikely to be voting, unless there has been a case of wrong man for the Crime! I am wondering when to draw the line. Should we leave the prisoner his/her right to vote whilst on remand. This is an interesting point as, in the eyes of the Law, Legally that person has not been found guilty and could be innocent! Emm that is a thought provoker!

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