Why Labour’s response to Hannan shows they are the Nasty Party

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Dan Hannan youtube video by now, with total views now well over a million. In 3 minutes Dan showed Gordon Brown up for the phoney posturer that he is. The video has gained worldwide attention for the chord it struck, and Dan is now being talked about as a Conservative grassroots hero.

What the video has also done is bring out the nasty bitterness that lies beneath the skin of New Labour and the left wing media. The mainstream media did now want to run with this, that’s why it took 48 hours for it to reach the TV. When it did, the BBC and Channel 4 wrapped it up as unknown extremist politican rants at the beloved leader. Both attached the ’right wing’ tag to Dan Hannan in a disparaging way, and attempted to pick the speech apart for minor factual errors (something they never do to Brown) Both also had the repugnant New Labour apologist Derek Draper on to comment in his own inimitable style, where he suggested Labourlist has destroyed the speech line by line (it hadn’t), and said that the ’demented speech from the demented party’ was just ’negative, negative, negative’ whilst he made chippy comments about Dan Hannan’s background.

However the real sneery response came from Sir Michael White in the Guardian today. For daring to take on the beloved leader, Sir Michael makes a suggestion that Dan is in the same market as the BNP. Add in Labour MP Tom Harris suggesting that it’s an act of treason to point out the failing of Labour’s unelected leader, and it’s clear that Labour have resorted to gutter tactics in an attempt tosmear a man who summed up what the vast majority in this Country feel about Gordon Brown.

Andrew Woodman

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