LabourList dissed

An amusing, but very accurate summary of the issues with LabourList.

Kerron Cross writes, "it seems like it is going to be a fatal combination of bland outpourings from Ministers combined with Tory-attack lines generated by Derek Draper and pals"

If that’s what Labour supporters are saying, it really is in trouble!!


Football Betting

If you are into Football Betting, then you could do no worse than visit this websiet to get the lowdown on Online Bookmakers.

Do you think Chelsea can still win the league even though they could only draw with Hull. Will Aston Villa be able to improve on their current third position. Will Liverpool now be able to take the title now they are top of the table or will it be Man Utd who will once again take the silverware back to Old Trafford.

If you are into Sports Betting then this is the website for you. So what are you waiting for!

In the world of the Magic Kingdom

Who says it’s a "Mickey Mouse" website?

Well they do say in the Magic Kingdom all your dreams can come true!


Interview with Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland – Owen Paterson MP

Tory Radio is back to what we do best – interviewing the biggest name in politics. To kick off our return to the podcasting world we were lucky enough to interview Owen Paterson MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.


To hear just what he had to say in this 20 minute interview click this link to download the MP3 or use the web-player above to listen now.

A run down of what was said will be published shortly.

Iain Dale put back in his box… surely not??

I’ve known Iain Dale for over 10 years and would regard him as a good mate, but this video tickled me no end. Former Deputy PM JP puts Iain firmly in his place. Who would hav ethought it… blogging, using YouTube, Facebook and no doubt better at using his blackberry than me. Very jealous I haven’t had a message. I wonder if JP would be interviewed for Tory Radio…. probably not!!


Interview tomorrow

Interview with Shadow Secretayr of State for Northern Ireland tomorrow!


Can snow do what Hitler couldn't?

Will Lewis editor of the Telegraph made this point on Twitter.

Have we anything to fear? Latest email from the House authorities. Don’t panic don’t panic!!:-

From: Communications-Office of the Chief Executive
Sent: Monday, February 02, 2009 12:57:33 PM
Subject: House services
Auto forwarded by a Rule

House services

Parliamentary business will continue as usual.

Due to the weather conditions some services will be operating on a reduced basis.

Members will be kept informed.