Is Tom Harris, or any Labour MP sorry about the Post Office?

I suppose you can forgive Labour MPs for clutching at straws on a day when a poll puts then 20 points behind in the polls.

Tom Harris can be forgiven to try to get an apology about a description attributed to the  Prime Minister, even though we know many of his colleagues want him to go. Go and check Labour MPs websites – Brown doesn’t feature too heavily… are they ashamed of him I wonder?

But lets not focus on personality, lets focus on issues. Lets take one I know a little about. Say the Post Office. Tom you care about the Post Office it seems. You even took the trouble to table an EDM on the subject didn’t you. 

But Tom, can you tell us how many Post Offices there were in 1997 when the Labour party came to power and how many there are now? Tom please tell us how many have shut their doors on Labour’s watch? And how many Labour MPs voted against the previous closure programme (Urban reinvention) which used taxpayers money to pay post offices compensation to shut?

You see, this is a political issue, not about personality. I thought I would play the ball not the man. And on this issue Tom, perhaps the Labour party would like to apologise? Are they sorry that under a Labour Government the Post Office Network hasn’t just been decimated. Over 40% of branches have gone!

Where’s the apology from this Government?

6 Responses to Is Tom Harris, or any Labour MP sorry about the Post Office?

  1. The murmurings from disgruntled left-wingers in the Labour Party about privatising the Post Offices obviously did not make an impression on Mandelson.

    Personally I don't understand why Labour insists on running head first into dangerous issues such as Heathrow and the Post Office when they could just wait a year until after the election and see if they are still in power.  Talk about pressing the self-destruct button!

  2. editor says:

    Im sure you must know better than me even though I was responsible for answering any parliamentary questions asked about Royal Mail.

    No.. actually you don't. The Tories never closed thousands of offices as has happened under thois Government. They certainly never used taxpayers money as part of compensation package to shut them, and of course we have all the Labour MPs who campaign to keep Post Offices open who voted for the Urban reivention proposals which led to thousands closing.

     If anyone is a hypocrit, its these members who voted one way and then tried to convince their local electorate they want to save their sub post office.


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