Shocking discovery!

Last week some little sods chucked a huge piece of ice/snow at a neighbours shed at which point I politely (not that politely) told them to bugger off after having though my garage would be good for target practice.

Tonight I hear a massive thump against the window, and milli  seconds after the impact I’m off out the front door having a go at the three youngsters walking away.

Initially it was – "It wasn’t me Mr", to "Sorry it was an accident".

It is probably one of my biggest gripes that these days no one seems to respect others property anymore, so I say that how would they like me to not only boll*** them, but go and hand out a boll*****g to their parents.

I do no more than walk down the street (as I have a good idea where they lived), just to see if they are scared that I might go and see their parents.

While I was walking down the road my wife comes out and tells them much more politely that we just don’t want stuff chucked at our window – and they say in shock that they didn’t know WE knew were they lived.

I didn’t bother going to their parents and walk back to my house at which point they apologise again, which is all I wanted.

I come back in side and realise something very very shocking has happened.

I have become my dad!

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