FSA Advice?

Would I want the FSA to give me advice about money?? Hmmmm!!


> ——————————————-

> From: Communications-Office of the Chief Executive

> Sent: 21 January 2009 13:54:38

> Subject: FSA seminar – 29 January

This email is aimed at MP’s Staff and is being sent from the Communications team, Office of the Chief Executive.


Money Matters!

An invitation from the Financial Services Authority Thursday, 29 January 2009, Wilson Room, Portcullis House Sessions at 2-3pm and 3.30-4.30pm


Apparently there are providing advice on:-

 • Taking control
• Borrowing
• Protecting your family and possessions
• Saving and investing
• Planning for retirement
• Your employee benefits


OK – well No one will lend money, banks are in crisis, and I can see I will have to work well past retirement due to what has happened in the banking sector. And what did the FSA do to avoid this situation??



Now that's a speech

President Obama

Just finished Obama take the oath to become the 44th President of the United States. With the eyes of the whole world upon you I can almost forgive someone for fluffing his lines – but a bit a preparation wouldn’t have gone amiss.

For me the speech was all what I expected, but the hard work starts now, and he hasn’t reached the Oval office at the best of times. They do say that the cream rises to the top – so what better time for a President to show if they are going to be one of the greats than during tough times.


National Express Trains – most amusing comment ever

Season tickets up 6% for our family thats over £800 a year extra they will get from us.

At the same time they introduce a lovely loyalty scheme that for season ticket holders only benefits those who have a first class ticket.

They then remove the drinks troller from their trains.

And their justification which I quote from one of their managers, 

"We have introduced a new First Class catering specification on some of our trains and introduced At Seat Dining. We have introduced this new style of delivery so that our crews do not rely on the trolley. This will allow our crews to deliver a more personal service to our customers."

So there you have it – First class gets a personal service. And if you pay £8,000 to sit in standard class, well….. up yours!

McNulty can't answer the question

Just watching Working lunch which has Tony McNulty on. When asked whether the jobless figure could get as bad as 3 million, he essentially wouldn’t answer and said there was a ways to go.

So there we have it. Goverment now recognises unemployment will reach higher figures than ever faced under. Thatcher’s premiership Now there is no pleasure in me saying itt, but things aren’t looing too good at the moment.

I hope the Government’s answer to all this isnt further nationalisation. If they think that’s the solution they are asking the wrong question.



A while ago a friend ranted to me about the state of this country telling me it was morally bankrupt. Are we about to be financially bankrupt too?


Still despairing at the police

Well two more anecdotes in the last day that add to my desperation about our policing in this country.

I finally got a letter from the Chief Superintendent from the area I live in. Essentially we reported the crime and then when I complained about no one ever coming to see us I was told we had turned down a visit (No we turned down someone checking our car two days after the crime as we had used it but requested a visit) and that a house to house had been done (Funny that we own two houses on this street and no one came to visit either of them or the neighbours on either side = a total of six residences at least).

He also added they have finite resources. So do I now Ive had to pay to replace my stolen goods and alsofork out over £20 a month on an alarm system.

Anyway – a friends car was vandalised in the South East this week – and guess what, the same response. Here’s a crime number, no visit, and no investigation.

Then today in Focus DIY I see a guy buying 7m of chain. He explains that its a bit late as someone stole all his tools and equipment when parked at Leicester Forest East service station – goods costing over £6,000.

I enquired as to what the police where doing. His exact response… "They gave me a crime number. It makes me wonder what they do."

How many anecdotes do you need before it is a trend or it finally shows the police no longer investigate crimes to personal property? If law abiding people know things don’t get investigated, guess what… so do criminals.

Time for elected police chiefs?