National Express Trains – most amusing comment ever

Season tickets up 6% for our family thats over £800 a year extra they will get from us.

At the same time they introduce a lovely loyalty scheme that for season ticket holders only benefits those who have a first class ticket.

They then remove the drinks troller from their trains.

And their justification which I quote from one of their managers, 

"We have introduced a new First Class catering specification on some of our trains and introduced At Seat Dining. We have introduced this new style of delivery so that our crews do not rely on the trolley. This will allow our crews to deliver a more personal service to our customers."

So there you have it – First class gets a personal service. And if you pay £8,000 to sit in standard class, well….. up yours!

McNulty can't answer the question

Just watching Working lunch which has Tony McNulty on. When asked whether the jobless figure could get as bad as 3 million, he essentially wouldn’t answer and said there was a ways to go.

So there we have it. Goverment now recognises unemployment will reach higher figures than ever faced under. Thatcher’s premiership Now there is no pleasure in me saying itt, but things aren’t looing too good at the moment.

I hope the Government’s answer to all this isnt further nationalisation. If they think that’s the solution they are asking the wrong question.



A while ago a friend ranted to me about the state of this country telling me it was morally bankrupt. Are we about to be financially bankrupt too?


Still despairing at the police

Well two more anecdotes in the last day that add to my desperation about our policing in this country.

I finally got a letter from the Chief Superintendent from the area I live in. Essentially we reported the crime and then when I complained about no one ever coming to see us I was told we had turned down a visit (No we turned down someone checking our car two days after the crime as we had used it but requested a visit) and that a house to house had been done (Funny that we own two houses on this street and no one came to visit either of them or the neighbours on either side = a total of six residences at least).

He also added they have finite resources. So do I now Ive had to pay to replace my stolen goods and alsofork out over £20 a month on an alarm system.

Anyway – a friends car was vandalised in the South East this week – and guess what, the same response. Here’s a crime number, no visit, and no investigation.

Then today in Focus DIY I see a guy buying 7m of chain. He explains that its a bit late as someone stole all his tools and equipment when parked at Leicester Forest East service station – goods costing over £6,000.

I enquired as to what the police where doing. His exact response… "They gave me a crime number. It makes me wonder what they do."

How many anecdotes do you need before it is a trend or it finally shows the police no longer investigate crimes to personal property? If law abiding people know things don’t get investigated, guess what… so do criminals.

Time for elected police chiefs?


Ken Clarke interview 2006

With the announcement that the “Big Beast” Ken Clarke MP will be returning to the Shadow Cabinet, I thought it may be worthwhile highglighting the interview we conducted with him in 2006.

You can listen to it by clicking this link.

Last week we put in a request for a new interview – obviously there will be even more to talk about now!

Financial institution disappointed with customers

Made me laugh as I hardly think the banking or indeed building society industry is in any position to give moral advice to its customers at the moment.


Stating the obvious

Sir David Tang has had an attack of stating the bl*****g obvious today telling us that pessimism is self fulfilling. I always adopt a pessimistic attitude so as to manage expectation as if things are better than you expected that is a bonus.

It’s exactly what Amazon are brilliant at. If they tell you your book will be with you in 5 days and it’s there in 3 you are really pleased. If they tell you it could be there next day and comes in 3 days you think they don’t deliver on time.

I was once told to think positive as it will ensure that you get a positive outcome – so my response was that I was very positive that the person in question was taking the wrong business decision.

But back to the topic in question, of course sentiment can be self fulfilling. Take the housing market. If all the media outlets are telling people house prices are going down, it essentially would make any sensible person considering buying wait, which reduces demand and therefore meas even if they weren’t at the time prices will drop.

Now I have been slightly unfair to Sir David, as the rest of his article goes on to say that being big in the current climate isn’t necessarily a bonus – as businesses who can move quickly and adapt are the ones who can get us out of the mess we are in.

Hence – again my call for Government above and beyond anything else they do, should concentrate on supporting small business.


Peston telling the unpalatabe

Love or loathe him, Pestons writing certainly makes interesting reading.

His latest missive certainly had me spluttering my cornflakes out. I for on just don’t undrstan what is going on in the econoy anymore? Are we entering a phase where any business hat fails or needs to be propped up can expect a Government hand out?

I have a Ltd company and if I take the wrong decisions I deseve to fail. Surely the same applied to big companies,sad as it is for their employees. I quite liked Woolworths.Did it have a right to continue trading? No  as it hadn’t moved with the times. Did it get bailed out by Government? No. And that was right.

So who decides who gets bailed out and who doesn’t? Why sould the "British Car Industry" get preferential treatmet over say Woolworths. Why should one financial institution get bailed out while others arent being backed?

I remember watching a video of Sir James Goldsmith in front of some sort of Congressional committee who were looking into his attempted takeover of the Goodyear tyre compnay to which they were aghast. It was put to him that the only reaon he wanted to do so was to make a profit, to which he replied, " I can see of no other reason to be in business".  And for me that’s where the problem lies.

The current Government has never accepted that creating wealth, and creating jobs through entrepreneurship is a truly positive thing. There has always been some sort on envy about it. They have banged on about how many jobs have been created, but how many of those jobs are state jobs? And now things are going pear shaped the only solution is to revert to type and believe that the only way to solve things is for massive state intervention, and for want of a better word, bugger the consequences for the next generation of taxpayers.

Labourlost none story of the day

It really makes my posts look very very interesting doesn’t it!

Economy in freefall and they want to write about apparent cracks in the Tories cyber strategy. Says it all really.

Labourlist?? Labour’s Lost more like.

BT – How not to cold call someone.

BT call me in my house at a time not convenient to me and want to speak to my wife. I say she isnt home from work and you can speak to me.

Sorry we need to speak to her about giving her a discount on broadband, as her name is on the bill.

So you can’t speak to me then?


And for all you know its my decision as to what broadband we use, and you want to disturb my wife when she gets home from work at 8:00pm. And I suspect you would want to tie us in to a contract.

Errr yes.

Don’t bother calling – I’ll get free broadband from Orange or Sky – and that’s cost you £20 plus a month.

If you call my house, perhaps you may care to speak to the person who answers… if you can’t then don’t cold call eh…. and by the way.. your broadband product is pretty shoddy! Ughhh. Victor Meldrew moment!