Tom Harris is right

I have to say I completely agree with the comments made by Tom Harris today on the subject of anti social cyclists.

I have a cycle which I use (not often mind you). I travel over 250 miles a day on public transport. I also have a car. I do not accept that just because statistics show that there are more injuries caused to cyclists by cars, that should in any way be used as an excuse by cyclists to break the law. Riding on pavements. Riding with no lights and worst of all shooting through red lights.

Now I for one don’t envy anyone on their bike in London. I wouldn’t dare. However I also wouldnt fancy driving in London either. As a pedestrian I feel more at threat to cyclists when I am crossing the road than I do from cars. The attitude Ive more often than not experienced is one of "well a car has cut me up so I will cut you pedestrians up". Is it any wonder that cyclists give themselves a bad name.

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