President Obama

Just finished Obama take the oath to become the 44th President of the United States. With the eyes of the whole world upon you I can almost forgive someone for fluffing his lines – but a bit a preparation wouldn’t have gone amiss.

For me the speech was all what I expected, but the hard work starts now, and he hasn’t reached the Oval office at the best of times. They do say that the cream rises to the top – so what better time for a President to show if they are going to be one of the greats than during tough times.


2 Responses to President Obama

  1. Keynesianism says:

    Well arguably Mrs Thatcher managed to achieve that back in 1979 when things were hadly tickety boo in the British economy.  As I recall however there were some very difficult times and she became very unpoular (still is) amongst some sections of the British population.

    Obama will soon meet his critics when he raises environmental taxes and attempts to curb spiralling government debt with more stringent government spending controls.  If his master plan fiscal stimulus doesn't have the desired effect then who knows, he may become one of the biggest anti climaxes in American poitical history.  He can talk the talk, we are about to see if he can back it up with results.   Good luck, I've a feeling he'll need some.

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