new labour vs old labour

Last week on my daily commute I saw one of the Nottinghamshire Labour MPs trot down the platform and get into the lovely first class carriage. Amazing how I manage to commute to London each day and manage with a standard ticket – but perhaps that’s new Labour?

The day after as the train pulls into the station I recognise the face of a man asleep sitting in my usual carriage. Warm cardigan on. Airline style pillow around his neck, and fast asleep. Yes it was none other than my previous nemesis (having been Chairman of the party in Chesterfield) and true Old Labour stalwart, Tony Benn. If standard class is good enough for the former Lord Stansgate then I guess it’s good enough for me


so just who is a priority?

According to their own website apparently their quality of service is good.

An 86 year old relative has a fall in the town centre on Wednesday but managed to get herself home. She is in quite alot of pain so her 86 year old husband calls for an ambulance. They are told it will be 30 minutes. An hour passed and when they call again they are told, and I quote that they "are not a priority".

They get a taxi, and get themselves to hospital and it turns out that the fall has resulted in a broken wrist and broken shoulder. Sounds easy – but given one of them was in severe pain from their fall and live in a first floor maisonette, and the other can’t walk at the best of times, quite a task in itself.

Only an anecdote, however I wonder just who exactly is a priority?