Pre Budget report a kick in the goolies!

The outcome of todays PBR islike being told you can have a lovely chocolate bar today on the proviso that tomorrow someone is going to kick you in your goolies.

If that is the way the Government wants to treat the British public then the only kicking that needs to be doled out is one at the next election. If ever there was an announcement that was solely about jam today, this was it.

We can expect tax rises with a higher rate tax band. Some lovely higher NI contributions will be coming. Anyone earning over £40,000 will be worse off (that will be me) and before anyone tries to convince me I am rich when I take off my cost of travelling £7,500 and other bills I can show you friends who have a bigger disposable income who are on tax credits.

Forgive me – but you stick your chocolate bar as I know what’s coming my way later!

One Response to Pre Budget report a kick in the goolies!

  1. Keynesianism says:

    Have we really got chocolate today?  I'm not convinced.  Alot of people are going to lose their jobs, their homes, their marriages in the coming months.  2.5% of VAT, big deal!  Stores are already slashing 20% and more off prices in a desperate attempt to kick start Xmas.  Still not cheap enough for me mind because I'm not on 40 grand!   Unfortunately there is no jam tomorrow either, whoever gets in power.  Do the Conservatives really want to become the captain of the Titanic?

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