Is Socialism back?

I was always told that Socialism was all about taking as much moeny as they could from you and then when they couldn’t take anymore they would tell you have you should spend what you have left. Part of me fears that we are going down that road again

Lets take the decision to tax the "rich" because it send a great message out (according to the Labour Party). No mention of how it won’t cover the vast increase in public spending.

Then of course lets talk about what means someone is rich. I pay 40% tax, but after I have paid all my bills – including the £7k train fare to go to my job I am left with less disposable income than someone I know who is on tax credits. Interesting isn’t it.

I still have my own company in existence. Has the Labour party done anything to help me out in that respect? No. Why – Well they believe government creates jobs and wealth and not business.

My old sparring partner in Chesterfield Tony Benn will be so pleased!

Conservative Home believe the politics of envy is well and truly back

One Response to Is Socialism back?

  1. Keynesianism says:

    Those icons of capitalism called 'The banks' have been doing a good job of redistributing money from many of us to themselves in the last few years via a myriad of financial instruments.  Of course plenty of the middle class buy to let brigade have also gained whilst many could not even afford to buy 1 house, let alone more.  Lets not even mention the fat cat city wiz kids who helped to get us into this mess, some of whom are now no doubt sat on beaches, enjoying the spectacle from afar.

    It's hardly socilaism when the value of your house plummets as the cost of your mortgage rises.  Labour is playing a crafty political game.  If it works they become economic saviours, if it does't they can say at least we tried whereas the tories would have done nothing.  The real disappointment in all of this is the failure of the conservatives to capitalise on the economic situation and present a viable policy aternative.

    The Labour party policies seen today are a political weapon designed to gain short term popularity.  You can hardly blame them as after all the tories used income tax cuts for the rich, privatisation and council house sales.  A run on the pound and a visit to the IMF might yet help the conservatives, personally I wouldn't rule it out.


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