So who will benefit from the economic crisis?

As with all things, when somone is suffering economically someone is generally laughing all the way the bank (or the stash underneath the mattress which may now be the safer bet).

So who has done well out of the economic crisis? Well all those city types who still get their lovely bonuses including the bosses of some our top high street banks haven’t done too bad have they. Then of course anyone who has a pile of cash who likes can pump money into the market just as it bottoms out will do quite nicely thank you.

Of course there may well be the possibility of those first time buyers who if there are any mortgage product still on offer, could finally afford a house that has been out of their reach for so long.

And of course there will be a few rather rich people who may add to their fortune too.


Garden furniture a key economic indicator?

With all the talk of economic gloom and doom I wondered how you were meant to know whether the economy was back on track? Only yesterday I read about how its a buyers market now in most things – new cars, houses, dare I say it stocks and shares.

Maybe you know the economy is back on track when you can get yourself a superb deal on garden furniture. After the summer we have had I suspect there will be plenty of bargains, but its always worthwhile going somewhere where you can Compare Garden Furniture.  A choice between a few nice gardeb chairs to enjoy what’s left of the nice weather or putting my money in banking shares…. I know which will give me mot enjoyment!

The power to move markets

Poor old Robert Peston is really getting it in the beck. Apparently the financial crisis is all down to him. His blog now reads like a crystal ball. What he writes today seems to happen tomorrow.

In spite of his forensic ability to cut to the chase and inform economic illiterates as to what is going on, even Robert Peston surely doesn’t have the power to move markets does he?

Great rebrandings of our time

How I chuckled.

Pizza Hut is to become, wait for it…… Pasta Hut! Inspired!

Best "give away" of the Birmingham Conference

Having done the rounds of the Conference stands people often ask what was the best "give away". The Top Trumps given away by Total Politics on behalf of Sky were good. The post cards from Royal Mail always go down well with delegates, however the team at Weber Shandwick produced what I think must be the most useful item of the party conference season.

Their Conservative Party Policy Guide sets out the polices and ideas that will be implemented when the party forms a Government. If only I had such a great item from the party itself!

So much "lobbying material" can be complete rubbish that often ends in the bin. I suspect many in house PA practitioners along with quit a few MPs will find this guide extremely useful! Top marks from me on this one!


Oh Mandy… came and you gave without taking

I have to admit that once as a child I went to a Barry Manilow concert with my Mum. Yes it is so true. But this Mandy story is so much better. More on my Conference highlights and the reshuffle later…..