TV licensing.. what an organisation

There is no TV or equipment that can receive a TV signal in the house we are selling and hasnt been for quite some time.

We receive a letter months ago telling us the address has no licence … (yes we know) so we call and tell them it was trasferred to our new address (happens to be on the same street).

We then continually get letters (quite threatening) telling us that we need a licence at the old address – and will be prosecuted if there is a TV there. So I give them a call and tell them there is no TV.

Yesterday they send us a further letter saying the enforcement division will be paying the property a visit and listing the various penalities that will be imposed if we do not have a licence and have a TV.

Good – please come and look for yourself. While you there you can tell the local council its unfurnished to save them a visit if they happen to feel the need. But perhaps realise that there are people (my wifes Uncle for one) who actually have a house and do not have a TV, and actually they are not criminals and really don’t need threatening letters constantly beng sent.

3 Responses to TV licensing.. what an organisation

  1. TV Licensing says:

    Join the long queue of non-TV users who are hacked off with TV Licensing. They will eventually come and visit you even though you've told them you don't need a licence. It just shows the arrogance of their organisation.

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