Garden furniture a key economic indicator?

With all the talk of economic gloom and doom I wondered how you were meant to know whether the economy was back on track? Only yesterday I read about how its a buyers market now in most things – new cars, houses, dare I say it stocks and shares.

Maybe you know the economy is back on track when you can get yourself a superb deal on garden furniture. After the summer we have had I suspect there will be plenty of bargains, but its always worthwhile going somewhere where you can Compare Garden Furniture.  A choice between a few nice gardeb chairs to enjoy what’s left of the nice weather or putting my money in banking shares…. I know which will give me mot enjoyment!

One Response to Garden furniture a key economic indicator?

  1. Alan Douglas says:

    I kid you not, in the 90s I read that the recession was over because the sale of chocolate penises was up ….


    Alan Douglas

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