Economy in turmoil just as I head off on holiday….

Relaxing on the shore of loch ness is great for relaxing, but shocking if you are looking for a mobile signal to get on the internet.

You head off on holiday in good faith and what happens as soon as your back is turned. Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy. Merrill Lynch gets snapped up (to protect itself). HBOS sees its share price fall, and AIG is under pressure.

Finally the 3G modem has kicked in so I can access what the sage of the BBC, Robert Peston has to say. Is AIG going to be next? Not according to him. In his own words, "If AIG went down, a number of banks’ balance sheets would be mullered "  I suppose it couldn’t have been put in any plainer terms for non economic literates such as myself.

Do I agree? Well clearly there are some companies that for the sake of the global economy, it just wouldn’t be helpful if they collapsed. Will that stop the forces of global capitalism, and is Robert Peston once again on the money? I’m not sure. Who knows what further carnage I may read about the next time my modem gets a signal!

Highland Tour

Tory Radio is currently conducting our own Highland Tour. A nice little cottage on the beach of Loch Ness is suitably relaxing!

We popped over to Inverness only to find that 24hrs of parking cost just £2. Councils South of the border could learn a thing or two from that sort of pricing regime!

Although I am a little perplexed as to the rule displayed in many carparks across the highlands banning political acitivity in car parks. I never knew it was such a problem!

electorate is just too thick

Why do we always have to have stories following a referendum when the votes "goes the wrong way" according to the vested interests that actually the electorate didn’t know what they were voting for, or that they just couldn’t understand.

It is so arrogant it is beyond words.

Of course the irony is always lost on those on charge that if the electorate is too ignorant to vote on a single issue then they really couldnt have understood voting during an election on a whole variety of issues – which means any government who uses this excuse owes its support to a load of thickos!

And then they wonder why people seem to hold politicians with such low regard. People can cast their vote for whatever reason they want. I was told at the last election that someone didn’t want to vote for me as they disliked Michael Howards eyes. Not the most politically sophsticated reason for deciding how to vote, but legitimate all the same. That’s democracy!

It isn’t the electorate that’s thick – its the way Governments behave that sometimes shows a lack of intelligence!

Its McCain for president then…

Guido constantly points out that whatever our PM touches seems to turn, well for the sake of politeness, sour.

Andy Murray was the recent recipient of Browns good wishes.

It now appears as though Obama is well and truly doomed. Everybody off to betfair then!

Peston's picks a must read

My new role which means I have had less and less time to blog and podcast has also limited the amount of online content I can digest.

Shooting up the tables of my must reads is Peston’s picks written by the BBCs business editor. Yet again he cuts to the chase with his analysis of Browns latets wheeze of cutting stamp duty.

Now as someone who is selling a house that was originally on the market at £180k but now is under the £175k threshold the cut in stamp duty should be just what I have calling for.

But as Peston points out, it isn’t stamp duty that’s the problem – although I would urge the Chancellor to retain the £175,000 threshold permanently, the issue is that people can’t get mortgages. With lenders unwilling to give people the funds to buy houses, the market is suffering a classic case of over supply and under demand, and as we all know, when that situation arises, prices fall.

Although I am keen to sell our house I think Robert Peston is also right when he calls into question whether government should have a role in encouraging people back to the market. If house prices are going to fall even more, then Government should have absolutely nothing to do with making it easier for people to buy, as they will only play their part in handing a nice piece of negative equity to thousands. Blair wanted his legacy… is this going to be Browns?

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