Classic Menu for Office 2007

Those who know me, know what a gadget freak I am. I have a couple of blackberries (with spare handsets for both) about 5 laptops, and my most recent purchase was an Iphone.

Recently I decided to upgrade my Office software from Office 2003 to Office 2007. I had heard about the new features that were available, and given I do a bit of writing and lots of presentation using Powerpoint I thought I should at least have the latest version.

For those who thought swapping to Vista was a pain, you ain’t seen nothing yet, when you compare it to upgrading your office version.

I suspect its when we get so used to the features of certain software, that when there seem to be quite drastic changes you find yourself feeling like a complete novice. For example, I think it took me about half an hour to find where you could find the “save as” function. Then of course there was the “past special” function which also took me another half hour to find.

In fact there are still old features in both word and powerpoint that I am still trying to find out where they have disappeared to. Where the hell has the wordcount tab gone? Under the review tab it seems!

How I wished for the old look of Office but with some of the new functions. Then I came across something  called Classic Menu for Microsoft Office.

One question I was particularly interested in was how to use the original keyboard shortcuts.

So is there any way that the alt keys for the top level menu can be activated? For example, pressing Alt-O-E would open the format cells dialog box in Excel 2007?

What you need to do is press Q, Q before the original shortcuts. For example, just press Alt-Q-Q-O-E, you will open the format cells dialog box in Excel 2007.

You can also browse toolbars and menus without remembering the shortcuts. For example, press Alt-Q-Q and the ‘All’ menu displays as following, now, press O-P you can change the Paragraph setting.

Anyway – why not just take a look yourself. You will be able to get the best out of Office 2007, with the familiarity of what you love about Office 2003.

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