A Prime Minister in waiting?

Cameron’s visit to the Prime Minister of Georgia during the South Ossetia crisis, was seen by many as a positive and admirable action to take. It came against a backdrop of silence from senior Labour politicians, with the Prime Minister speaking out against the Russian invasion, only after Cameron had announced his visit.

This action, expected more of a Prime Minister or Foreign Secretary, displayed an increased confidence within the Conservatives that they will form the next Government. It also exhibited Cameron’s willingness to usurp the Prime Minister’s position, in an attempt to shift public and the world’s perception of him, from a slick, media operator, to a distinguished statesman, worthy of a place on the world stage.

Brown’s premiership has been marked by his reluctance to take firm action on international issues. Classic examples of this include his unwillingness to hold the Olympic flame, yet still be seen with it, his aversion to host the Dalai Lama on his own and yet meet him with the Archbishop of Canterbury, and his signing of the EU Treaty long after his European counterparts.

Cameron’s issue in the past has often been his lack of political weight, particularly evidenced by his disinclination towards foreign affairs. If he continues to supersede the Prime Minister’s position on major issues, it will undoubtedly help to transform this view of him and secure his future in Number 10.

Peter Kearney

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