electorate is just too thick

Why do we always have to have stories following a referendum when the votes "goes the wrong way" according to the vested interests that actually the electorate didn’t know what they were voting for, or that they just couldn’t understand.

It is so arrogant it is beyond words.

Of course the irony is always lost on those on charge that if the electorate is too ignorant to vote on a single issue then they really couldnt have understood voting during an election on a whole variety of issues – which means any government who uses this excuse owes its support to a load of thickos!

And then they wonder why people seem to hold politicians with such low regard. People can cast their vote for whatever reason they want. I was told at the last election that someone didn’t want to vote for me as they disliked Michael Howards eyes. Not the most politically sophsticated reason for deciding how to vote, but legitimate all the same. That’s democracy!

It isn’t the electorate that’s thick – its the way Governments behave that sometimes shows a lack of intelligence!

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