Tory Radio.. full refund on offer.

It really amuses me when people moan about what is written on people’s blogs, this one included.

I remember when Guido got criticised for some stuff he wrote. The same has happened to the likes of Iain Dale, ConservativeHome and also the great Dizzy Thinks. Well I amnot in the same league as those gents – but I guess the same rule applies…. if you don’t like what you read, well please accept a full refund from your subscription.

The cheque is in the post!

UPDATE:- OK I take on board the point, and I withdraw some of my grumpy sentiments, however the fact remains this site has only cost money in the past, never covered costs and certainly never made money – so any ways of raising funds has to be considered.


wanna bet?

I found it quite interesting that in certain states in the US you can go and buy a gun from a local store but gambling isn’t allowed. I don’t actually partake in things like the lottery, but when I went over to Australia I spent a bit of time in a casino and would love to go to Vegas!

Now there is a cool website that provides you with loads of information about gambling online and much much more.

The website has numerous sections including ones that for example provide reviews on casinos, not just in the United States, but throughout Europe. So if you are thinking of visiting one then a quick read would certainly be in order.

The site is more than a review site. It acts as on online gambling news site, with a bit of entertainment news also thrown in. Want to know the latest news about big brother? Well this site even covers that. Want to know about sports betting? You’ll find that here. Even if you want a whole hose on online gambling tips then you have come to the right place.

If you are into your gambling then this website really should be a first port of call.

now penions… what next?

First we learn Northern Rock has larger losses than expected. Now we learn pension funds are in the red. When will we get any decent economic news? Time for an election?

These boots are made for walking

Whilst Gordon Brown may be getting one kind fo boot, you make care to look at the widest selection of men’s work boots at Not only can you get a wide selection of safety boots, but why not have a little look at the selection of mens apparel thats available. From boots to shirts you can kit yourself out all at one great website.

Telegraph TV

I hooked up with Iain Dale this afternoon and filmed a short piece for Telegraph TV. The only question I want answering is just who won the battle of the ties. I guess you will have to wait and see!


some sweet stuff.

Have you ever heard of Icumsa 45 sugar? No? Well neither had I until very recently.

It the Rolls Royce of the Refined Sugar world. Well at least its the highest quality sugar grade you can get. ICUMSA stands for the International Commission For Uniform Methods Of Sugar Analysis, an international regulatory body which sets the standard for sugar analysis tests, and the number 45 effectively means its been refined to a high degree.

So the next time you are sticking some of that  white sweet stuff into your cup of tea you may want to think about whether you want that bog standard unrefined stuff – or some sugar that been treated with a little more care and attention.

The economy … safe in their hands??

Even more good news,. The Government have given Northern Rock a further £3 billion of our money.

Doesn’t it make you feel like paying that extra VED on cars or paying more tax at the pumps is worth it, as the Government will spend our taxes wisely?

The BBCs Robert Peston hits the nail right on the head when he says Northern Rock have effectively had a rights issue – but there is just one shareholder, adding…."But the £3bn is taxpayers money – that is money that is very much at risk."


So you have the iphone…

OK, so you were one of those poeple who queued up to get their shiny super 3G Iphone. It’s now in your sweaty palm, but obviously you want to keep it in its pristine state. What to do? Forget those cumbersome Iphone cases. What you need is an iphone case case from zagg. The invisible shield is absoultely superb as it comprises a see though  film that will ensure your  3G iphone is protects from those scuffs and scrathes that arise from everyday use. 

You’ve waited for the phone for long enough – it would be criminal to hide it away in a case now you have it.


Got a story? Want to record a podcast?

If you have a political story from your neck of the woods and want to record a podcast why not call us on 0845 257 0 427

You will hear a message saying you call cannot be taken – so after the tone just record your message! It’s as easy as that.

a rainy day in brighton

I spent a rainy day in Brighton today,a city I lived in for a few years.

It’ s amazing  to think that the Tories stand an excellent chance of winning all three seats that make up Brighton and Hove. In actual fact, they currently look on course to win a few seats they haven’t won for a generation.

Even on a rainy day you can see that the sun will shine before not too long.