How much is your blog worth?

Have you ever wondered how much your blog or website is worth?

Now you can Value your website so you can find exactly how much it is worth. I suspect at this point won’t make me a rich man….. well not just yet.

The valuation tool has been built in conjunction with Sitepoint, the world’s biggest marketplace for websites. It values sites based on what similar sites are achieving at auction.

It really is worth giving it a go. All you have to do is input a few details about your website and then you’re away. It provides a lot of useful detail, graphs, charts and predictions in its detailed Valuation Report. Unfortunately this website had a value which meant it just wasn’t worth selling. Though of course I guess there is certainly a superb incentive to make it better.



Pick of the podcasts

For those of you who have something to get off your chest (obviously politically based) feel free to call our 24hr hotline – 0845 257 0 427 and leave a message after the tone….. we may use it in a podcast!

We are very conscious we haven’t done as many podcasts as we would have liked so in the meantime, while we ratched up our production schedule, over the next few days we will be bringing you some of our highlights from the last couple of years! Make sure you bookmark to ensure you don’t miss anything.

An alternative to Dragons Den?

I think one of my favourite programmes on TV is Dragons Den. Partly because of some of the crazy ideas people come up with and partly for the great put downs, no matter how cruel they seem to be.

It did get me to thinking how inventors can get their product to market. Most inventors are eager to rush out and get a patent for their idea often spending huge amounts of money in the process with absolutely no guarantee of success.

They simply don’t understand that manufacturers are not going to come to them… they must be proactive and seek them out. With over 98% of new inventions failing to get to the market place can the cost of patent work really be justified without first determining if there is a market for a given product? Design Mind Group offers a more practical solution:

Who is Design Mind Group, and how can they help me with my invention?

â–ª They research and locate top manufacturers for your product
â–ª They will find the key people to contact at these firms about your idea
â–ª Their Marketing Team will prepare a professional product introduction
â–ª They will contact these top manufacturers confidentially on your behalf
â–ª They will provide a confidential general product description
â–ª They will provide a secure online interface for manufacturers to respond
â–ª They will provide all necessary confidential agreements
â–ª There are no setup fees
â–ª No application fee

Each time a manufacturer is contacted, they will provide you with all of the details. Including: market capitalisation, research and development budget, assets, number of employees, employee growth, revenue, income, income growth, and other key information.

British companies have a habit  of inventing things and then letting some other organisation get rich on the idea. Perhaps Design Mind Group can reverse that trend.

Tory Radio.. full refund on offer.

It really amuses me when people moan about what is written on people’s blogs, this one included.

I remember when Guido got criticised for some stuff he wrote. The same has happened to the likes of Iain Dale, ConservativeHome and also the great Dizzy Thinks. Well I amnot in the same league as those gents – but I guess the same rule applies…. if you don’t like what you read, well please accept a full refund from your subscription.

The cheque is in the post!

UPDATE:- OK I take on board the point, and I withdraw some of my grumpy sentiments, however the fact remains this site has only cost money in the past, never covered costs and certainly never made money – so any ways of raising funds has to be considered.


wanna bet?

I found it quite interesting that in certain states in the US you can go and buy a gun from a local store but gambling isn’t allowed. I don’t actually partake in things like the lottery, but when I went over to Australia I spent a bit of time in a casino and would love to go to Vegas!

Now there is a cool website that provides you with loads of information about gambling online and much much more.

The website has numerous sections including ones that for example provide reviews on casinos, not just in the United States, but throughout Europe. So if you are thinking of visiting one then a quick read would certainly be in order.

The site is more than a review site. It acts as on online gambling news site, with a bit of entertainment news also thrown in. Want to know the latest news about big brother? Well this site even covers that. Want to know about sports betting? You’ll find that here. Even if you want a whole hose on online gambling tips then you have come to the right place.

If you are into your gambling then this website really should be a first port of call.

now penions… what next?

First we learn Northern Rock has larger losses than expected. Now we learn pension funds are in the red. When will we get any decent economic news? Time for an election?

These boots are made for walking

Whilst Gordon Brown may be getting one kind fo boot, you make care to look at the widest selection of men’s work boots at Not only can you get a wide selection of safety boots, but why not have a little look at the selection of mens apparel thats available. From boots to shirts you can kit yourself out all at one great website.