What is the purpose of the police?

Can someone please tell what the purpose of the police actually is?  Every year the amount I contribute to the police authority seems to increase but I’m really not sure why. Is it to send the local police officers based in Newark where I live over to Nottingham to deal with crime there?

Last week we were unfortunate enough to have something stolen out of our car which was parked on our drive. This took place between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. A call was made to inform the police but all they were seemingly interested in was our ethnic background and what job we did for their monitoring form. (I honestly kid you not!!)

Two days later we received a call from Worksop (a town 20 miles away) no less, who apologised because they were behind in keeping up with crimes being committed. We then finally received a crime reference number.  When we asked if it was possible that we would get to see a member of the police force it was suggested that it was highly unlikely. We asked if there had been any other crimes committed that evening in the area and told no – nothing.

Then in the Advertiser this week it was reported at least one other theft had taken place on the same street during Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.  On Sunday we called the police again to see if they had been linked.

Initially we were told they had a system that would of course link them, but later on in the conversation we were told it is down to the public to report the thefts and to link them themselves. Funny – as I always assumed detectives should do the detective work!

Then we received another call to tell us that we would have had someone from the police come out if they thought they could get any forensic evidence. When I pointed out that because they had taken so long to get back to us following the original reporting of the crime – over 48 hours – they had to admit their tardiness indeed probably meant there would be no evidence worth collecting.

Then today on Sunday having called the police for a third time we get a call back saying that they believe we told someone we didn’t want to see anyone from the police – and in effect they thought the matter was closed. Oh and that they haven’t yet done any house to house enquiries.

Is it me, or are they sending the message out that there is no point in reporting crime as they don’t have the time to deal with it? You call the local police station and get put to one 20 miles away. You report a crime and they don’t get back to you for a couple of days. When they do they tell you there will be no evidence to look at – so there is now nothing they can do. Next time why would I even bother to report the crime in the first place?

Which brings me back to my original point… what is the purpose of the police?? – As they aren’t protecting me, and don’t seem to want to investigate certain crimes anymore!


5 Responses to What is the purpose of the police?

  1. editor says:

    I am sure you are right. The worry is it seems as though as a matter of course some crimes against property are no longer investigated. Now as a ploicy surely a broken windows approach should be taken – as it sends the message that NO crime should be tolerated. I am sure many police are as frustrated as me and I was in no way wanting to have a dig at the good work they do. What I want to highlight is that good police are perhaps being forced to not do their job.

  2. Keynesianism says:

    Dear Editor


    I really do sympathise and empathise with your sentiments regarding the police and their seeming inability to solve petty crime.  Thefts like this are undoubtedly given low if any priority.  In my view this reflects a wider issue. 


    I’m sure that the police do their best to try to protect us but the reality is that they are inundated with crime, much of it far more serious that the one that you quote.  The problem of scarce resources is clearly evident here; especially when you consider the amount of admin and paperwork that the police are expected to produce alongside each arrest.  Fail to do the paperwork and follow the correct procedure and some overpaid, smart arse lawyer will spot a weakness in the case leading to charges being dropped and a potentially guilty criminal going free.


    Your experience is the opportunity cost of the raft of rules and regulations that govern police behaviour and procedures these days.  I’m not suggesting that we go back to “Life on Mars” style policing but when will common sense begin to prevail?  Like many things that happen under labour these days there appears to be no thought and logic.

     Have you tried buying a Rotweiler and using your car as a kennel?  Oh no don’t do that, you will probably end up being arrested!

  3. traffic101 says:

    I can't imagine a community without any police.It would be a mess i guess,crimes,stealing and killings will be everywhere.They are the protectors of our society.


    Pinnacle Security

  4. jake says:

    i have been on loads of website for my college course and can NOT find the purpose of police. i only know they are ment to prevent and fight crime but is there anythink else

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