Gritty Northerner and proud

Ever since Francis Maude made the comment about Gritty Northerners and Mincing metrosexuals it has been a bit of a running joke amongst friends as to which one applied to me.

You will have to watch my appearance on Telegraph TV with Iain Dale to see which side of the debate he falls on.

Today another debate about "The North" kicked off following a report published by Policy Exchange which allegedly (I havent read it) has said that some Northern cities have almost lost their reason to exist, and that mass migration to London could almost be helpful.

As someone who regards themself as a Northern (coming from Chesterfield_ can I say that’s complete tosh. Now I actually live in Newark in Nottinghamshire (which for most people in London is way North). I have absolutely no desire too migrate to the south or London. The transport infrastructure is creaking, housing is too expensive and in my view you have an appalling standard of living if you live in London.

In actual fact both myself and my wife work in central London – yet between us we pay more than £15,000 a year to commute. Why? Because we cannot wait to leave at the end of the day. We go back to our five bedroom house with a nice garden with the countryside minutes away and smile every night when we do. Of course even if we wanted to, are we really saying the south and London in particular can cope with mass migration? Perhaps someone should tell the schools, hospitals, rail companies, tube network and so on…..

People in London think the world revolves round it. People outside know it doesnt.

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