Crisps contributing to CO2 crisis

A friend on the train home bought a packet (a rather large one) or crisps on the way home.

Having offered me one I had a look at the back of the bag to see how many calories there were (quite a scary thoght). I happened to notice a little box which then told the consumer how much C02 was used in the production of the product courtesy of the Carbon Trust. Apparently this bag of 50g of crisps needed over 100g of C02 to produce it.

That got me to thinking. Industrie such as steel making get hit for being so bad for the environment. Now Tim Jervis has this stat on his blog:- claim they put out 14.5 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent gasses in 2004/2005 to produce 5.72 million tonnes of steel product, which suggests around 2.5 kg CO2 per kg of steel.

So C02:steel prodution is 2.5:1

C02:Crisp production is 2:1

What does this show us? All human activity in some way damages the environment. Once that is accepted perhaps we can think of better ways to protect the environment – but this constant banging on about C02 is absolute nonesense as human activity by its very nature is CO2 intensive.

Having kids is probably the worse thing in the world you can do to damage the environment – but are we going to advocate that not having kids is being environmentally virtuous? No. At the same time lets not pretend that stopping using plastic bags is really doing anything except making ourselves feel a bit better about ourselves while we carry on behaving as we always have.

We better not let the crisps stat get out mind you. If we arent careful they will be taxed for being unhealth and taxed again for being environmentally unfriendly.


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