What Labour said and what they did

The other day I came across a great collection of clips on Youtube of PMQ’s in 1996. A fag end administration dying and a popular opposition kicking the Government around. Thanks go to ergos645 for putting them up, so if you have a few minutes free have a look at some of these.
Tony Blair criticising the amount spent on administration in the NHS. Oh the irony.
Party Funding
Another classic here. Blair passionately attacks gifts disguised as loans (donations are ok though). Nice mention of trade union funding for Labour by John Major. Twelve years on and….
A Lesson for Harriett
Michael Heseltine takes questions from Prescott (now middle class) about dumping an unpopular Prime Minister. At least John Major won an election.
A couple of things strike me about the videos. As I was 14 at the time and had a life, I hadn’t seen them before but it’s amazing the difference a proper Speaker makes. There’s no doubt the present Speaker has been appalling in comparison. Secondly how calm and measured Tony Blair was at the time, until the subject got on to party funding and he had his rant. Quite remarkable when you consider what happened a decade later. Thirdly how much better and at ease John Major was in comparison to Gordon Brown. At least he maintained some likeability which Brown seems to be failing to achieve.
All very interesting, I wonder how today’s PMQs debates will look in 10 years.


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