Thoughts on David Davis

I was going to write something on Thursday about the DD resignation, but I thought I’d wait a few days to see how things are playing out. Three days on, it looks like things are developing ok for DD, and once again the mainstream media have been shown to be out of touch with the rest of the nation.

Like many on Thursday, I was bemused by what was going on. However after listening to DD’s speech outside Parliament, I couldn’t help admiring the principles behind his decision as I simply couldn’t see what he was going to gain by making it. The media took its typical reaction with various political reporters spurting out the lines fed to them by the Labour Party, while looking for splits and bust ups within the Tory Party and labelling the whole thing a stunt.

Friday saw the Sun lay into DD which was no real surprise with the famous guardian of British liberties Rupert Murdoch at the helm. He looked to fund a candidate to fight DD after Labour prepared to bottle out.

The weekend saw a change as the Westminster village started to realise that many people regarded DD’s actions as a noble act in defending civil liberties. Sunday has certainly gone DD’s way after a very effective display on the Andrew Marr show which showed up the robotic David Milliband peddling why the British people have no right to express their opinion on the European Treaty in the way the Irish have.

So what’s going on, why has DD done this? Well I can only come to the conclusion that it’s a real genuine belief in Civil Liberties. That this endorsement of DD will ensure the Conservatives become real champions of liberty and it will bounce the leadership in accepting it as the thinking behind all of its policy. If that happens, then DD could go down in history as the man who stopped 1984 becoming a reality.

2 Responses to Thoughts on David Davis

  1. The EU referendum result in Ireland has shown how almost all the political parties, media and Unions can be of a different mind than the people.

    Labour started trying to dismiss David Davis, then trying to attack him via proxies (see the Ben Bradshaw attack on David Davis' attitude to gay rights), and now they are trying to counter him (Gordon Brown gave a speech on Civil Liverties today – but no one would say how long it had been in his diary ).

    If David Davis sticks to his principles and guns then those in Labour who support the abolition of historic freedoms and civil liberties are going to be in real trouble.

    What I suspect DD will achieve is a real shift in public opinion, as they admire what he's done and are willing to listen to men like him.


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