Corporate events anyone?

Whenever I plan a corporate party or a social event, I take time to carefully choose my invitations. Invitations are made and sent to wow your guests. They should be frame worthy and something that will always be a tangible reminder of your perfect day.

The most recent development in corporate invitations and unique invitations involves high-concept customizing that reflects the party’s theme as well as the personality of the party-giver or guest of honor.

Using bold theme colors, "branding" the invitations with custom monograms and logos, and using designer styles and papers are just some of the ways I choose one of a kind stationery for my events.


scores on the doors

Well the results are starting to come in.

Selected highlights include winning a seat in Sunderland from Labour,

Wins in both Oystermouth and Fairwood in Swansea.

A gain in Chorley.

I wonder how the Government will portray tonight? Mid term blues?

May Day May Day – your last chance to save London?

11 years ago I was swanning around on a hot May 1st, having fought my first ever parliamentary election. I lost.

11 years on and it’s May 1st, and London faces a crossroads. Does it vote for more of the same… more Ken, or does it vote for Boris.

I read a really amusing piece by former Minister Phillip Oppenheim on the pros and cons of all candidates. As someone who doesn’t live in London, and who doesn’t have local elections where I live I have to say I’m experiencing a bit of feeling like the world is passing me by. Do I care if the capital has bendy buses or routemasters? Not really – even though I commute to the capital. Am I bothered about London public transport – only if it can get me to work on time.

Should I be bothered about the result of the Mayoral Election? Absolutely. Why? Well because it will the best indicator yet that the country is willing to return a Conservative Government to power.

If London can vote for Boris, then the country can vote Conservative.

The sobering thought is that I am now 33 and ever since I have been able to vote, the Conservatives have lost ever General Election. I will probably be 35 by the time Gordon Brown finaly decides to go to the polls. So the vote in London and the local election isn’t just a vote to save London.

It’s a vote to save the country. Go out and do the right thing!