To ban or not to ban?

Iain Dale has a piece today on his blog which I completely agree with. I can’t think of another product which is legal that is treated in the same way. The Government is happy to take huge sums in tax revenue from tobacco sales, yet it has made it not legal to smoke in public places, it won’t allow advertising it, and now it wants to the product away from public view and also take any marketing materials or logos off the packaging.

Just like Iain I don’t smoke, never have, and would never allow anyone to smoke in my house. BUT the Government won’t come out and ban the thing, that they apparently are so against.

My big worry about these steps are the very same arguments could equally be applied to certain food or indeed alcohol that the Government also may think is too bad for us.

What next? No eating fast food in public places. Burgers only available from under the counter or in back alleys?

One Response to To ban or not to ban?

  1. Stuart Holmes says:

    It would be nice if consumables were safe for consumption! ('Consumer Protection'). Jesus said of those who would harm children, it would be better for them if a large millstone be put around there neck and they drown in the depths of the sea. The W.H.O. forecast one billion tobacco addiction deaths this century. (That's 15 times greater than the total war dead of the 20th century!) Those who gain from enticing children into this holocaust deserve no mercy. Actors smoking in films and corrupt governments are responsible. Tobacco should have been banned a long time ago.

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