Does the Home Secretary get out?

So the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith suggests that young thugs should be harassed and hounded by the police. Sometimes I wonder whether peoiple live in the real world.

Let me give the Home Secretary two examples of who young thugs are allowed to do exactly what they want, and why at some point I really would not be surprised if there was an upsure in vigilantism in the UK.

1) Two yobs driving their mopeds on a toddlers play area opposite my house. We call the police – but instead of getting put through to Newark, we are passed to possibly Nottingham and then Worksop who take that long taking details we think what’s the point. Previous experience of this hasn’t even brought a police office out. The local police station shuts at 5:00pm according to locals.

Now gobsmacked as I was the police actually sent a car up, and as luck would have it he pulled the little bastards over. Another neighbour went out and gave them a rollocking for driving over his garden (criminal damage I would have thought). The punishment for driving over pavements gardens and the like? A letter to their house. Oh well that will put a stop to it won’t it. I’m glad my three points have finally gone off my licence this month – or I would be seen to be more of a criminal than them!

2) Problem family lives close to my wifes grandparents in council accomodation. This week we learn one of them was caught with some stolen lead. Funnily enough on Tuesday – some time after the police had previously caught him, yet again he had more lead on his bike. The Chairman of the local tennants group has pointed out there are stolen bikes in the shed they use. The kids do not attend school. The Council do nothing to evict this family, or enforce attendance at school. The residents have asked if one of the five cameras pointed inwards at the local police station could possibly point outwards to the trouble spots. Oh no – apparently because of data protection issues? Again absolute nonesense.

To the Home Secretary. People like me and my family are now more and more reluctant to even bother calling the police because NOTHING IS DONE. I havent reported whoever scratched one of my hub caps all over when parking near to the station, as nothing will be done. But perhaps when we see crimes being committed it would be nice to think a police officer could possibly come from the station which is less that a mile away? Or how about this as an idea – maybe some regular patrols would actually prevent the anti social behaviour taking place in the place. Just a thought.

These kind of incidents are happening up and down the country and they are getting worse, and I for one am getting sick and tired of the softly softly approach of the police, and then judicial system that seems to be more on the side of the criminal than the victim.

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