last ever blog post?

Many people think they can do it. Around 100,000 apply each year. 50 odd thousand are given places, and 45 or so thousand actually finish. It is now the worlds biggest annual fund raising event.

Well I’m hoping to raise a little bit, and as for times, well  I’m just hoping to run walk or even crawl my way to the finish line!

If you see this vest worn by a chap who looks like he really shouldn’t be doing this type of thing anymore – do say hello. I’m just hoping I won’t be needing the excellent services of the men and women who I’m doing the marathon for!

I believe the Lib Dem Mayoral candidate will be doing the run too (undoubtedly quicker than me). I wonder if he will be delivering any leaflets as he passes through a London borough or two?

Lets just hope this isn’t my last blog post for a while…. (note to wife….. get that deep heat in now).

PS – For those of you who like a bit of interactivity… I intend on twittering away through the marathon – so check out the widget at the top of the right hand column from Sunday morning.


It will end in tears

The media has given plenty of coverage, as have bloggers like Ellee Seymour, about the Maasai warriors who are over in London, complete with shields and spears (though I believe they won’t have them on race day) to take part in the London marathon.

I did have to smile – as having done it twice before it has always p****d me off when much fitter and younger people zoom past me wearing those heavy heavy Rhino costumes to highlight Save the Rhino. Now is it just me, or should we be worried, about what the Maasai warriors will do should they see a Rhino trundling across Tower Bridge? Hmmm I hope the Rhinos have thick skin. Those spears are awfully sharp!

Anyway – only £96.61 more to raise…. so go on…. donate away…

Unenforced rules and regs

If my memory serves me correctly, didn’t the Government recently embark on getting rid of lots of legislation that is on the statute book, that quite frankly is pointless these days.

You know – like the right to wlak a 2 legged goat across Westminster bridge under a full moon if you happen to be a Lord (well that’s how it seemed to be portrayed).

That got me to thinking. What about more recent rules, regulations and even laws that are currently in place that aren’t enforced. It’s always been a bug bear with me, having rules, that no one ever bothers to enforce. If we don’t enforce them – then we may as well get rid of them.

My question is, what do you think are the top rules, regs, laws etc that are in place, that are constantly flouted as they aren’t enforced.

I ‘d start off with:-

1) Using a mobile phone in the car (always happening never enforced)

2) Cycling with no lights at night

3) Flouting disabled parking rules

Come om … I know you must have more!

Olympics here I come!

I had an amazing piece of news yesterday. You will all no doubt be aware that in 12 days I will be doing my third London Marathon.

A friend of mine on the British Olympics selection panel got in touch, and apparently they are trying to promote the marathon in time for 2012 so they have made a few places available in the team that goes to Beijing for ordianry people who will do all they can to promote the event.

So as long as I complete the London course. it sounds like a place is mine!