password passwords passwords

We are in the final stage of moving out of one house into another, and now comes the most frustrating part. You know when you haven’t accessed that online bank account that you don’t really use for quite a while and you have forgotten the various usernames and passwords.

Well that happened to me last night. As a treat we are ordering a nice TV from John Lewis. I think it’s the first thing I’ve ever bought from there. I thought if it’s good enough for the taxpayer, well it’s good enough for me.

There I was online ordering with my Visa card and up pops some Visa verified page. Suddenly it asks for a password and username – nope that doesn’t work, so I ask for them to be resent. I am asked to put the details from my card and my date of birth etc and apparently they can resend it me. Three goes later and my card gets locked. So I have to call the building society in question and then my card my be unfrozen for online use in a couple of days.

No worryies though, as I  can use my Amex card. I put all the details in purchase the overly big LCD TV and head of to bed.

This morning my blackberry buzzes to tell me the transaction has been cancelled. Why I ask when I call. Oh apparently Ive given the wrong address. Well I have changed my card to the new address. Oh no Sir – that takes 10 days to be accepted. You will have to use your old billing address to order. OK I say and do it all again.

I won’t get started on how I have to let people from HMRC in Glasgow know that I am moving, but then I have to call people in Nottingham to let them know me as an individual (as opposed to running a company) is also moving. I then get told that I have to call Cardiff – as if you have worked for an MP your file can be made secure so the people in Nottingham can’t access it.

I wouldn’t mind – but I’m only moving from number 31 to number 11 on the same street.

I does make me wonder how I managed to lock one of my own credit cards, and have another transaction cancelled, yet the same building society allowed over £1000 of fraudulant transactions to go through on my wifes card, who lookly checks her outgoings online most days so spotted them early enough to put a stop to them.

Surely there has to be a better system for online buying than having to have hundreds of different usernames and passwords? I would have thought somone like Dizzy would be able to help. I bet he doesn’t have a scrap of paper with usernames and passwords written on like most people I know. This interweb thingy….. sometimes it’s just beyond me!

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