thank you

Just a quick note of thanks to all the kind people who sponsored me for doing the London Marathon. You will be pleased to know that I finished in a slow but sure time of 6:44:20. Not my best time, but not my worst either.

If you think doing a marathon is impressive, just take a look at what these two chaps have done. Completely mad if you ask me – but you have to admire them!

Well I didn’t manageto beat Brian Paddick – he took 4:52, though I suspect he didn’t get many leafets out!

For those of you who think they fancy the challenge of the marathon – well have a look here and get your name down. If I can do it, I know most people could!

It did get me wondering though. Does anyone know which Tory has done the most marathons? I know on the Labour side Howard Stoate MP has run a fair few. Our own Roger Helmer MEP has done four marathons…. Any MPs Lords or members who can top that?


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