Unenforced rules and regs

If my memory serves me correctly, didn’t the Government recently embark on getting rid of lots of legislation that is on the statute book, that quite frankly is pointless these days.

You know – like the right to wlak a 2 legged goat across Westminster bridge under a full moon if you happen to be a Lord (well that’s how it seemed to be portrayed).

That got me to thinking. What about more recent rules, regulations and even laws that are currently in place that aren’t enforced. It’s always been a bug bear with me, having rules, that no one ever bothers to enforce. If we don’t enforce them – then we may as well get rid of them.

My question is, what do you think are the top rules, regs, laws etc that are in place, that are constantly flouted as they aren’t enforced.

I ‘d start off with:-

1) Using a mobile phone in the car (always happening never enforced)

2) Cycling with no lights at night

3) Flouting disabled parking rules

Come om … I know you must have more!


2 Responses to Unenforced rules and regs

  1. Keynesianism says:


    The now redundant dog tax springs to mind, few bothered to pay it so the cost of collection far outweighed the revenue collected.  Of course your beloved Mrs T ran a similar experiment with the poll tax.

    Educationally speaking the rules and regs governing coursework are bordering on the absurd.  How many parents/tutors are responsible for producing work well above the standard that many student could ever achieve?  Everybody knows that cheating is commonplace and widespread yet exam boards continue to award such work significant credit.


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