Well he does have a point

On Thursday I had a chat with a Labour MP who I’ve known for quite a while.

The end of the conversation went as follows, and really amused me:-

Me: Did you know I was doing the marathon?

Him: No really

Me: Yes, for St John Ambulance – you can sponsor me if you like.

Him: Hmmm. I’ve always made it a point not to encourage suicide!

(Well he does have a point… though in fairness he did say he would sponsor me)

blind to common sense

I’ve just listened to a debate on radio and have been left flabbergasted.

Essentially Radio 2 had a deaf couple on who were arguing they should have the right to choose a deaf child. Now their argument was, that they didn’t accept deafness was a disability, and that they wanted their child to be part of their community.

I haven’t heard of anything so selfish in quite a long time. When it was pointed out that if they actively chose to have a deaf child, that child may well miss out on hearing music and so on, their response was that the child could go to a deaf group and have conversations, and the caller, a hearing person, would feel left out in that situation.

I think that fact that a hearing person could learn sign language, but a deaf person could not LEARN to hear was completely lost on them.

Now if I had a deaf child, I would want to the best I could for them, but if I was deaf, I can only imagine I would want any child to be born with ALL their senses, and not try to limit their opportunities or experiences, just so they could be part of my "community" (their word not mine).

This couple may have been deaf – but they were also blind to arguments of common sense.

Mini Conference Season thoughts

That time of year again when Political Party’s have a pretty pointless conference. I saw nothing of Labour’s conference last week even though I watched Sky News, News 24 and the terrestrial bulletins. Gordon Brown allegedly made a speech but I never saw any reports about it. Perhaps the media have got their own back over the decision to cancel it last year. It was interesting though that all the written reports were about how negative Labour were about the Tories, calling us all sexist racist homophobes. Pretty desperate stuff from a desperate party.

In contrast, the Lib Dem conference seems to have been covered extensively. Obviously the nonsense of their position on the EU treaty, and the three line whip to abstain has put them in the news again. Everyone seems to expect them to drop in the polls because of this. On the flip side it has got them noticed again, so we will see if Mike Smithson of Political Betting fame’s rule about David Cameron doing better when he’s in the news no matter the subject extends to Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems.

Anyway back to their conference. I have to say that I think Vince Cable’s VAT policy on smoothies seems to be a good idea. As long as it doesn’t extend to things like sunny delight, then it’ll be worthwhile and the idea will probably get stolen. However things did get a bit wackier after that. Vince seems to think he’s the Lib Dem William Hague who can give a comic turn. However a lot of those jokes turned into basic insults, and if he continues in this vein, I fear he will turn into the Colin Hunt of the political world, making an amusing comment once and then spending the rest of his life trying and failing to replicate it. Go out at the top Vince, you’re no William Hague.

Talking of funny comments, Richard Littlejohn’s take that the Lib Dems have replaced Captain Mainwaring with Pike amused me. Sums it up very well.


Hague on Europe

Play it now:

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Another great performance from William Hague.

Click the download button to enjoy the whole speech, interventions and all!

Bruschetta, Bloggers and Boris

Quite an eventful day today – packed with meetings, and in the middle a lunchtime get together with Mayoral candidate, Boris Johnson.

The lunch was attended by fellow bloggers including Sam Coates, Iain Dale and Dizzy, and gave us a chance to hear about what plans Boris for London.

As a none Londoner I pitches in and asked whether the rest of the UK should pay for the LONDON Olympics. The answer was a firm YES.

Now I don’t for one minute buy that other parts of the UK benefit from the Olympics. I don’t see many events taking place in Nottingham. In fact I didn’t think it was a UK bid – but rather a London bid.

However Boris doesn’t need to bother about me as I don’t live in London. What his answer shows is that he is prepared to stick up for the London taxpayer, and will fight to get them the best deal, which if I were a voter in the capital, would be particularly reassuring.

Somewhat worryingly Lynton Crosby recognised me. I wonder if those 12,010 votes in Bassetlaw at the last General Election made a good impression on him? I suspect not.

What was clear is that Boris is taking this election, and therefore the future of London very seriously. Those who think he is treatin this as a bit of a laugh are wrong. Unfortunately I had to leave for a prior engagement after the starter – so I suspect fellow bloggers will be able to provide a much better account of the ensuing discussion.

Could we be about to witness the first Conservative Mayor of London?

I just think we could!

Can I smell chicken?

Apparently Paula Radcliffe has pulled out of the London Marathon because of a "toe problem" Toe problem???? Try dragging my body round 26 and a bit miles!

Hmmmm.. that may be the public line, but we all know it’s because I will be stomping/ walking/crawling the streets of London next month, and she could see the threat.

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Roger Helmer MEP speaks out following the EU treaty vote

To listen what Roger Helmer has to say following the recent vote of the EU Treaty click here.

According to Roger, "This battle is not over yet, but the shame of the Labour and Libderal Democrat parties will last at least until the next General Election. The public will not forget it."

I want a referendum – exclusive interview

Roger Helmer, Conservative MEP for the East Midlands gives an exclusive interview to Tory Radio about the recent postal ballots conducted by the I want a Referendum campaign on the renamed European Treaty.
Selected highlights include:-

Nearly 90% of those who participated demanded a Referendum
Nearly 90% would opposed the Lisbon Treaty – the renamed European constitutions.
Nationally turnout was at 36%
In Gedling turnout was over 40%

The full interview can be found by clicking here, or listening to it in our bespoke player at the top of the website.

Roger Helmers excellent blog can be found here.

Americano one shot with hot milk

Gone are the days when you can buy just a normal coffee. My Nana would die if she knew how much a drink costs these days, though I have to say when I went back to Chesterfield not so long ago and bought 3 cups of tea and took out two £5 notes, the comment from the cashier was "Look at you Rockefeller".

My usual drink of choce if it’s not diet coke would be an Americano, with one shot and hot milk. Little did I know that today, on the Victoria line, I would get the opportunity to wear one.

To the lady who seemed incapable of holding onto anything when the train slowed down, I thank you for the superb stains on my shirt, my cuff, my tie and my suit.(Amazingly I don’t think she could ahve done a betetr job if she tried) No I don’t think I will be needing the grotty hanky you offered me by way of an apology.

When trains are full, why do people insidt on reading their papers in your face, or not holding onto the handles when the train or tube is slowing. Sometimes people don’t use the common sense they were supposedly born with!

PS – Why does it take about 3 people to stand by the metal shutters at the entrance to the tube at Kings Cross, who are seemingly being eployed to bring about some sort of crowd control , but every day only serve to create more of a crush than if they weren’t there.

Rant over…. for now.


Prince Harry, blogging, and all that jazz

Following the recent press frenzy about Prince Harry and his ten weeks on the frontline, here are a few thoughts on it all ,from the Party Political Animal website including whether blogs should be held to the same standards as the mainstream media.