Are legislators stupid?

Sometimes I really think they are. They call drinking bottled water immoral – in spit of the fact that the DoH have actuvely encouraged bottled water in some instances in schools.

They attack the use of plastic bags – on the waste issue (not energy produced) in spite of the fact that for example, disposable nappies are a much bigger issue with regards waste going to landfill than plastic bags will ever be.

Now there are attacking salt. Firstly the body needs salt to live. Let us not forget that. So slat in itself is not bad, it is just too much salt is bad. Then you read about the banning of advertising salty foods – and I just yet AGAIN, have to say I don’t believe it.

Perhaps some of our legislators should talk to retailers. I remember speaking to a chap whose company sells millions of pre packed sandwiches. He quite rightly told me that the bread in alot of these sandwiches has quite a bit of salt in. The retailer could remove all that salt tomorrow, but the problem would be that people are used to having salt in their bread, and if they did, people would hate the food. The way to do it is to slowly reduce the amount of salt in pre packed food – not to ban advertising food with salt in, not to ban or set prescribed salt amounts, and certainly not to say you can’t have a salt pot on your table!


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