Greg Mulholland a party pooper?

Surely not!!

An MP calling for smaller measures at bars and restaurants? Isn’t that electoral suicide?

I was always told that to be electorally popular – well you might want to be a bit populist. You know, something along the lines of better batter and bigger chips kind of thing.

Apparently not. Lib Dem Greg Mulholland is proposing making pubs etc reintroduce the smaller 125ml measure. Surely that won’t go down too well with punters?

Mind you, as I don’t particularly drink it would save me having the buy the wife a LARGE (as apparently that’s all they had) wine, though whether that will go down well on our anniversary on Monday is another story!


One Response to Greg Mulholland a party pooper?

  1. Letters From A Tory says:

    I'm really not convinced that a Conservative government should be pursuing policies like this, especially when there are slightly larger political fish to fry (to put it mildly).

    Immigration, crime, the EU, terrorism, the NHS, education, wine glasses….

    It just doesn't look right, you know?

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