Bye bye Rudy

Rudy Giuliani’s demise from Republican frontrunner into failure and dejection has been an astonishing tale.  Looking back on his campaign (or, technically, the lack of one) it is perhaps not surprising that it has ended this way.  Can you imagine if David Cameron said in the run up to the next General Election that he was going to leave his campaigning until about a month before election day itself?  The logic is baffling.  What’s more, I don’t remember hearing of a candidate in previous years leaving it all to the last minute and still becoming President of the United States.
So how much of a loss is Giuliani to the Republican cause?  It’s reasonable to assume that most people in this country remember Giuliani most for his role in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in New York, but he is certainly not your typical Republican.  He is pro-choice on abortion, supported recent legislation curbing gun ownership, pro-immigration and supports gay rights to some extent as well.  For all his efforts, it is hard to believe that Republicans saw him as their ideal candidate.  Whether or not he had a better chance of beating Clinton or Obama than the remaining Republican contenders will forever remain a hot topic, should the next president be a Democrat.

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