stop, look, listen?

I have enjoyed some of the contributions on the new CentreRight blog, none more so that from Sam Coates.

However his latest missive on the issue of cyclists is plainly wrong. Luckily you aren’t allowed to leave comments or I would have ranted underneath his blog post in which he tries to justify cyclists going through red lights – because apparently bikes are small light and agile.

His blog posts all stem through the story that apparently David Cameron ran a red light. Now Sam gives an example of how he came off his bike and suffered more than the pedestrian he clipped while doing 25 mph. I’m not so sure he would come off best if my 16 stone frame going 25mph crashed into him on a bike.

The point is, to justify cyclists jumping red lights is wrong – not solely for the protection of pedestrians – but for their own safety. What if you jump the red light on a junction and then go straight into the path of an oncoming car who kills you. I’ve seen incidents like this where an irresponsible cyclist has narrowly avoided killing themselves. Not always as agile as they think are they?

The same can be said of cyclists and lights. The number of times driving home from the station Ive had to aviod cyclists with no lights on their bikes who you can hardly see. If they were involved in an accident I have to say I would have some sympathy with the car driver.

Car drivers need to be aware of cyslists, but cyclists need to be aware of those of us on foot, and that applies if you are Prime Minister, leader of the opposition, or indeed author of a blog.

2 Responses to stop, look, listen?

  1. Anonamong says:

    Well said!

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