2007 and what might have been

Well it’s been quite a year. We’ve had Blair applauded off the stage (deserved for that level of acting ability), had Ming Campbell kicked off the stage by those nasty Lib Dems and Gordon Brown heralded and hated within the space of six months. And what of David Cameron, he’s had a honeymoon at both the start and the end of the year with a near divorce in the middle.

Where do we stand going forward then?

Well I’ll make a prediction that Gordon Brown is unelectable. He has all the presentational skills of David Brent and the decision making skills of a lemming. He’s shown himself to be scared of the British public by virtue of the fact that he pulled out of an election and an EU treaty referendum. On the doorsteps I see no enthusisim for him. If I’m noticing it, then I’m sure Labour MP’s are, so what are they goimg to do about it?

In my opinion they’ll do nothing, mainly due to the fact that there is no one to replace him. The mere that that Jack Straw is seen as the only replacement shows how bereft they are of talent. This is a man who helped create the shambles that the Home Office is today. Brown’s young turk are totally without experience and likeability. There is an arrogence attached to them which comes of never fighting a marginal seat and have to go out there and win peoples votes. Put together with a complicated process of getting rid of a Labour leader, and a leader who will never want to go, there’s little doubt he’s fighting the election.

Then I got thinking about counter history and what would have happened had Robin Cook lived. Although they made up before his death, would there have been any possiblity he could have challenged Brown for the leadership. Maybe not, he would have had a senior cabinet post and had reportadly said he was ‘insufficiently attractive to be an election winner’. I wonder though. Could you imagine him getting rolled over at PMQ’s in the same way Brown does? He could have represented a real change for Labour without Iraq baggage and the fact that he hasn’t been 2nd in command in the failing Government.

If he didn’t run, then he would now be talked about as the alternative leader now surely. We will never know, but how The Labour Party must wish he was still here.

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