These men are not fit to govern

I had a strange dream on Sunday. I dreamt I’d heard on the radio that GMTV presenter Fiona Phillips has been offered a Government job by Gordon Brown in the summer. I then woke up and found it to be true (well according the the papers anyway). I am astonished. The end of spin and celebrity government claims look more and more hollow every day.
On the rare occasions I’ve ever watched GMTV, I’ve found it to be dumbed down TV at its worse, with Ms Phillips at the pinnacle displaying the intellectual rigour of a dead badger. A short trail round various internet forums shows the contempt many people hold for her and the programme. I suppose the fact that she’s in bed with the equally intellectual bankrupt Mirror Newspaper, it should come as no surprise those in New Labour crave her ‘talents’.
Later on Sunday, I witnessed those nice Lib Dems having a verbal punch up on The Politics Show. It’s quite clear that Huhne is playing a win or bust game for the Lib Dem leadership, while Clegg is a indecisive flip flopper (hence the fact that he’s a Lib Dem). The fact that he’s complained about the Calamity Clegg document is hilarious and shows that this idea that the Lib Dems are the nice party is as realistic as the chance of Northern Rock paying a dividend this year.
And on the subject of Northern Rock, where was Gordon Brown for Alistair Darling’s statement in Parliament about the ongoing shambles. The problem was built up on his watch, yet in Macavity like fashion he had disappeared when the going was tough. Perhaps he was recruiting Ant and Dec to run the Foreign Office. I just hope he wasn’t buying tickets for England game on Wednesday, for he has become the gamblers friend. For whenever he’s around (as Scotland found out at the Weekend), the opposition prosper. Time for a bet on a Conservative Election victory maybe.


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