British Gas really off the boil!

There is nothing worse than paying alot of money for something and then getting completely crap service. Last week we decided to get the boiler serviced as the house is on the market and we thought it would be good to have it done.

We thought we’d take advantage of the British Gas service whereby you effectively pay a one off charge and you (apparently) get a British Gas engineer to come and look at your boiler.

I say apparently….. We initially had a booking for last Friday, 6 pm came and went so we called and they said they had a record of our call but no booking. After pointing out why would they have a record of a call if we hadn’t gone through a certain stage to ask for the booking. Anyway – as way of an apology they offered us £10 to say sorry for having to take a day off work and stop in, and also a 2 hour slot for our re-booked time which was between 2 and 4pm today.

Well it’s now 5:40pm and having called them, guess what – the appointment is apparently unscheduled? Now given a manager called back to apologise for the first booking going astray is it a case of all British Gas personnel being unable to actual put a booking into the system?

At this rate they will be paying me to come and service the boiler (if they do ever come!)

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