The BBC and The EU – Birds of a Feather?

There are two institutions I really don’t like very much. One is the British Broadcasting Company and the other in the European Union. If I weigh up the positives and negatives of each one, the latter always seems to outweigh the former and most interestingly, the reasons seem to be very similar.
Firstly there is the issue of choice. I’m forced to pay the £135.50 licence fee. If I don’t a big ugly man demands the right to enter my home looking for a TV. With the EU, I and every other person in the UK is forced to contribute billions of pounds towards the running of the EU in spite of the majority of us never voting to do so.
Then we have the issue of accountability. I don’t like the way for instance John Redwood is portrayed miming the Welsh National Anthem when he’s in the studio to talk about regulation relief. I wrote to the BBC and nothing. Not even the courtesy of a reply. Why should they? They know they’re going to get my money so why bother to listen to me. The same goes for the EU. It’s an old chestnut but the issue of selling in pounds and ounces has been around for years. Who can you complain to about this. MEP’s? We all know they have virtually zero power which is why many of them can’t wait to get into the UK Parliament.
Moreover, who’s running these organisations and who are they accountable to. The BBC is run by a Trust appointed by a quango and ministers. The EU run by unelected commissioners who are more often than not political failures at home. There’s no democracy. No say by those who are putting the money up.
What can we do about this. Selling one and withdrawing from another is the simple answer many people will give. However, the British public are a conservative bunch and wouldn’t swallow that. All we can hope is salami tactics of slice by slice might ignite the British Public into wanting this change.

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//–>With the EU, it’s vital that the referendum is held and the constitution defeated. The EU leaders might start to believe the game is up and a Conservative Government can look to grab powers back. With the BBC, the expansion of channels both on TV and Radio needs to be halted to stop any further damage to it’s commercial competitors who are operating in unfair markets. We can only hope that once this ball is rolling, there would be no stopping it, and we once again have accountability within our ruling institutions.

One Response to The BBC and The EU – Birds of a Feather?

  1. Anonamong says:

    The BBC is to TV Licencing as the EU is to member states' taxation;

     In both cases, the former entity portrays itself as some kind of Father Christmas doling out "public service" programming or regional development funding largesse respectively whilst seeking hypocritically to distance themselves from the latter source of coercive revenue raising.

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