Upon Westminster Bridge

I’ve been in London for much of this week, which has meant writing for the website has taken something of  a back seat.

However one incident really deserves re-telling to a wider audience.

On Wednesday I had been to a meeting over near Waterloo station. I decided to wander back to Westminster over Westminster bridge – as the weather was nice but a bit cold. On the way I had already spotted loads of Schalke 04 fans who were doing a bit of sightseeing before their game with Chelsea.

On the way back however – two of them (male and femal) had decided to do something a bit more than sightseeing. As I approached the middle section of Westminster bridge there appeared to be a bit of a crowd on the pavement. I thought to myself in my usual grumpy way that it was probably tourists taking pictures of the clock tower, and blocking my way meaning that as usual I would have to take my life into my own hands and jump into the road to get back.

Oh no – how wrong was I – as I got closer I saw a woman laying with her back to the pavement – being passionately kissed by some bloke – who had his trousers round his ankles … as they… well lets say got to know each other quite well.

Now I am not sure what surprised me more – the fact that they seemed to be doing what they seemed to be doing in the cold on a bridge, or the fact that several people had their camera phones out, I assume to pass on the "incident" to their friends.

Either way – I did the typically British thing, and tutted and walked on by as if there was nothing to see. I will now have a comepletely different mental image that I used to whenever I hear the words Upon Westminster Bridge!

One Response to Upon Westminster Bridge

  1. cheekmiss says:

    Wow! I'm quite surprised! Did most people find it amusing or were people disgusted and calling the police? I wonder if it was for a bet, or in the name of modern art?


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