Another terrible policy bites the dust (hopefully)

Across the whole political spectrum, public servants who waste taxpayers’ hard-earned money are rarely popular.  In fact, the majority of voters and politicians would be happy for individuals who squander public funds to be punished in some way.  One might also be tempted into thinking that people who spend public funds wisely would be rewarded in some way.  Ooops, what a mistake.
Earlier this week, the government announced plans for local councils to take back any money from schools that they haven’t spent.  Far from encouraging prudence and sensible financial planning, the government has evidently decided to penalise Headteachers and their manangement teams for running within their budgets.  Bearing in mind that many schools find it hard to make ends meet, this has got to be one of the most ridiculous policies aired by the government for quite some time (and that’s saying something).
David Cameron is challenging the government’s plan and is likely to receive considerable support for doing so.  He is quoted as saying "Why do you think you know best how to spend this money, rather than the head teachers?" and it is hard to argue with him.

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