Is Gordon Brown a Jonah?

Well what a week for English sport. Lose to Russia through a dodgy penalty which could well knock us out of Euro 2008, lose the Rugby World Cup final due to a foot touching the line (Still don’t understand the rules properly even though I played for my school) and the Lewis Hamilton’s engine cuts out losing him the World Championship. Add in floods and foot and mouth, and it seems like the nations luck has turned since Mr Brown took up residence in Number 10.   
The purpose of my article was to be on Brown’s nauseating attempts to play politics to survive this job. His first 100 days have consisted of playing political games. Announcements of policies which are unlikely to happen on Housing, The NHS and British jobs for British workers. Alongside this there were stunts like Iraq, inviting Baroness Thatcher for tea and the early election cock up.
On Saturday though he managed to combine both of these traits. With the chorus of boos he received when England played Germany at Wembley a few weeks ago, you would have thought that would have been enough to put him off trying to make himself popular through sport, but then on Saturday there he was again at the Rugby World Cup final. The sight of a very nationalist Scottish leader sitting in the stands supporting England was pretty bad, but then it got worse.
Alongside head of States, the head of Government took his place in the trophy presentation party. Looking like a spare part hanger on at a wedding, he took on a duty I would have thought a member of the Royal Family should be doing. As a piece of PR, it looks like another cringeworthy failure from someone who can’t fake sincerity.
So back to the main point. Is Gordon becoming a Jonah. Well since he became Prime Minister, I can’t think of much he’s associated himself with that can be described as a success. The budget, The NHS with its recent troubles, The EU constitution and Ed Balls. He’d better hope his luck picks up soon because it won’t be his courage that sees him through.


One Response to Is Gordon Brown a Jonah?

  1. Grendel says:


    No, one letter less and a significant change, although the 't' stays. 

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