Told you so Told you so Told you so

Right that’s enough gloating about the forecast I made here that Brown would bottle the election. What will be the fallout from this though.
Firstly Brown will have to reassess which of his advisors he can actually trust. Ed Balls, Douglas Alexander and Ed Milliband and the young turks have their paw prints all over the fiasco. Can Brown trust their advice in the future or does he turn to his older heads. Maybe we’ll see the likes of Jack Straw becoming more prominent and even the return of Margaret Beckett!! Either way I think we’ll see a distinct lack of direction from Brown as he won’t know where and who to turn to.
Secondly there seems to be a definite change of tone in the media. Brown has got away with so much in his honeymoon which they won’t let him do so now. Northern Rock, Government labs causing Foot and Mouth ect. After making his interview an exclusive with Andrew Marr, the media will look to come down on him like a ton of bricks if an problem is even slightly related to him. I also expect the print media to sharpen the knifes especially if he refuses the EU treaty vote. A John Major style hounding could be on the cards.
Thirdly, what he’s done for the Conservatives is quite priceless. The media guns are temporally off Cameron and on Brown. The Conservatives have policies to sell, a sense of unity and direction, and a target in their midst. In being ready and procuring resources for the election, many marginally seat campaign teams will be better focused at this stage of an election cycle than ever before.
In conclusion, this is a cock up of monumental proportions. He’s deflated his own side, alienated a huge section of the media and gave the Conservatives a sitting duck target. And this from a man who’s supposedly a master political tactician!!!

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