Local election results won't put Gordon off

Over the past week General Election fever has reached new heights. Brown is going to go to the polls! No he’s not he’s a cautious type! Yes he is – he’s hiring staff ready for an election! Look at the polls it’s now or never.

Today we learn of some stunning Conservative local election results which seem to make the 11% Labour lead look questionable to say the least. But all these polls are surely a bit misleading.

Firstly no one can really believe that Labour have an 11% lead and are polling someting like 44%. Others have aleady pointed out that this as the level reached by Blair in those oh so sunny days for Labour in 1997. Bro

Secondly – and equally importantly – everyone who has campaigned in local elections (and local by elections) knows that people are often prepared to vote for an individual, or even the candidate who has bothered to actually campaign, rather than along party lines which come more into play at a General Election.

Gordon and his camp have teased us with the possibility of a snap General Election over the past week. Whilst it may be just that – teasing, I can’t imagine that a handful of local election results would put off the clunking fist from calling an election if he wanted to.

In 1997 Labour had the Things Can Only Get Better anthem. I’m not sure that applied to Gordon’s poll prospects. So come on. what are you waiting for?

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