Wasted Youth

I can't be the only one who was completely shocked when I heard the news that an 11 year old had been shot and killed on a housing estate in Liverpool.

This YouTube video shown on the BBC perhaps highlights the mentality of some of the young people living in Britain today.

You cannot blame Gangsta Rap – good grief I listened to some of it and even worked on a radio show at University which played that stuff.

You cannot blame being brought up in a single parent family. I was brought up in a single parent family.

I dont even think you can blame lack of things to do. Are you really saying that if there isnt a youth club the automatic thing to do is get involved in a gang and you will go and shoot someone.

The death of Rhys Jones is a grim reminder that something is badly wrong in todays society.

Lock up your bins!

So today we have the story that people are happy with a pay as you throw system of dealing with household refuge collections. I wrote about this topic only a few weeks ago where I suggested that I personally would be more than happy to have a smaller bin and recycle more if it led to a reduction in my council tax.

My biggest fear is that people who make a small reduction in the amount they put in their bins will get stung with increased charges – and those who make a real commitment to recycle with all that entails, may if they are lucky, pay the same.

I have noted that there really hasn’t been much talk of the carror approach to recycling – with all the talk focussing on the stick. Send the same amount to landfill and you will pay more. Send less and you may pay the same. Here is a novel idea – send less and you will end up paying less council? So who will offer that?

Eric Pickle suggests thre will inevitable be admin charges for a pay as you throw scheme to contend with. Another worry will be that if people end up paying for what they put in the bin, we will inevitably see the rise of the anti social neighbour putting their refuge in your bin!

How long before we see the lockable wheelie bin on sale? Come to think of it – I'm just off to the patent office…..

Should we be worried?

Apparently more people left the UK last year than any year since 1991. Should we be worried about this? For me its all about who is doing what. If we are losing well qualified people with skills that the country need then yes we should be asking teh question why? If on the other hand immigration to this country is brining in people who will support and help the economy grow, then perhaps that is no bad thing. My fear is that we are losing too many talented people and perhaps we need to ask ourselves why!

Junk Medicine

Junk MedicineTaking a few days off, offered me the opportunity to catch up on some of the reading I had been meaning to catch up on. I really couldn't bring myself to read Alistair Campbells diaries so chose instead the book Junk Medicine written by Theodore Dalrymple.

The book starts off witha fairly strong proposition. Not only is everything you know wrong, but it is obviously wrong. Heroin is not highly addictive; withdrawal from it is not medically serious; addicts do not become criminals to feed their habit; addicts do not need any medical assistance to stop taking heroin; and contrary to received wisdom, heroin most certainly IS a moral and spiritual problem.

In fact in the first 15 pages the author also goes on to attck the perceived myth that heroin is everywhere – one of the reasosn given for an increase in addiction rates.


Tory Radio took the opportunity to get the author himself to tell us a little bit about his book which you can hear by clicking this link.

Certainly a book to make you think – and you can buy it by clicking this link


Having a break

The bloging and podcasting has taken a back seat for a while as Im having a short break down South visiting my Mum in Crawley. Spent today in littlehampton, and Arundel. Upset the family by winning the annual putting competition which means I will remain Champaion for the next year.

The Inheritence tax proposal has certainly gone down well with many of my Mum's age. It's funny. At a parliamentary selection out of all the unfair taxes that was the one I said I would most like to repeal. Mind you come to think of it, stamp duty comes a very close second.

Tory Radio reloading

In the weeks ahead Tory Radio will be having some drastic changes to the website. We are looking to make the whole think much more user friendly. Our Web Guru Mike Rouse has this to say.

Why Tesco is so powerful

I was once told a story which effectively went along the lines that the economic jugernaut that is Tesco was so powerful, Sir Terry could go into Gordon Brown and say – thanks to our own price cuts inflation is 0.2% lower than it would be.

Apparently this anecdote has somewhat been confirmed. Now I'm not one to ever knock Britsih success stories and I have to say that Tesco certainly is one of those. But isn't it a little worrying when you hear stories of 1 in 8 pounds in the economy being spent in the one store, and now how shops like Tesco can have such an effect on the inflation rate.

It certainly must put them in a great negotiating position with Government wouldn't you think.

Where does she get it from?

She really is unbelievable.  Polly Toynbee is clearly on a different planet from the rest of us, as demonstrated quite beautifully in her latest article for the Guardian.  I have no problem with people being cautious about John Redwood's policy proposals that were discussed at great length in the media yesterday, but as usual Polly Toynbee spent the entire article trying to stoke the flames of crisis and disaster in a future Conservative government.
Her arguments are painfully rooted in our socialist past, as she seems to have forgotten that her vision of a "stronger, not a weaker, state" brought this country to its knees many years ago and the Labour party has done its best to move away from those ideals ever since.  Other memorable points include claiming that letting employers use common sense in health and safety laws is a bad thing, and she clearly would like us to adhere to a 48-hour week without exception – thereby collapsing the British economy overnight.  Have a read of the article if you want to be transported back to the last time that left-wingers were in charge.

Tom Richmond

Collect that tax

Isn't it interesting have many column inches have been taken up by John Redwood's as yet unpublished report which may talk about cutting the burden to UK business. What strikes me as interesting is that there hasn't been half as much written about the fact that councils seem to be getting even worse at collecting the taxes already levied on us. 

Surely this proves the that if around £750 million goes uncollected then if local councils got their act together and raised their collection rates their is scope to reduce the council tax burden without reducing services!

Couple of free books

Further new addition to my reading list mean I am getting rid of some of the other political books we have.

 1) Bad President – lots of ufnny pictures and capition of George W Bush

2) The Howard Effect – A decade that changed the nation – A great book about multi election winning Austrailian Prime Minister, John Howard.

£4 postage should cover the items – first come first served.