Regional Fire centre to be based on a flood plain!

 Having a house on an estate called Riverside Village I am all too aware of the issues casued by the not so distant flooding throughout the East Midlands.

The impressive Conservative Parliamentary candidate for North West Leicestershire Andrew Bridgen has uncovered a story that really beggars believe. Apparently Under Labour's regionalisation plans North West Leicestershire, and the rest of the East Midlands will be covered by the new centre at Willow Farm Business Park, Castle Donington.

Accordingt to Andrew, "These centres are meant to be able to co-ordinate disaster relief efforts, so locating it in an area likely to flood is absurd."  Too right!

Well we will all know who to blame the next time there is a flood, and we can't be helped because the fire service is floodded out too!

Andrew took the time to talk to Tory Radio and tell us a little more about these ridiculous plans. Click this link to listen.

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